Shopping for Barstools: Choosing the Right Material

With so many options to choose from, picking the perfect material for your new bar stools just takes a little extra thought. Depending on where you are placing the stools, different materials will work more or less appropriately. Ideally, look around the room you are furnishing, and try to find a few materials to match with. This will make your space appear more cohesive.
chrome bar stools

1. Chrome

If you love that retro feel, chrome barstools are your perfect choice…think diner-style/super shiny. This material would work best indoors, since chrome can tarnish and rust if it comes in prolonged contact with water. For someone with a more funky or modern home, definitely consider chrome.

2. Leather

This gives a sleek, softer look to your bar. For those interested in added comfort, leather seats are a wonderful choice.

3. Plastic

The easiest material to keep clean, plastic material is great for stools that might come into frequent contact with kids. With ample versatility, plastic stools are great for outdoor use too.
metal bar stools

4. Metal

The easiest to match with, metal stools are most often adjustable, and able to swivel. For those of you seeking a chair that will fit a variety of people, one made of metal is your best bet.

With the added bonus of also being easy to clean, metal works well with virtually all other materials. It adds a contemporary, modern feel to any space.

5. Wood

Since it’s one of the oldest building material known to man, wooden chairs offer a nice, rustic, pub style feel; though, the difference really lies in the type of varnish used. Deep, rich varnishes work best with an equally dark area of the house (finished basement), versus lighter varnishes, which would work better in a sunnier location (kitchen/breakfast nook).

6. Mixed Materials

Most often than not, bar stools will be a combination of a few materials. This is great for those who can’t make up their mind, or who want to include a couple different elements. For example: the comfort of a leather seat, with the adjustability of a metal base.